Welcome to Old Photo Specialists
   (since 1971)!

William Heroy, trading as Old Photo Specialist, serves clients both locally and nationwide in the restoration and reproduction of old and new photographs. The work is created with archival materials (giclee' prints) and carries an aesthetic warranty in the quality of work with respect to faithful reproduction of the image, detail and tonality. Old Photo Specialist has been in its current location at 320 South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C., since 1977. Please feel free to consult with the Greensboro Historical Museum (archivist department), the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, the Jackson Library at UNC-G, the administration at N.C. A & T University, and the Guilford County Commissioners for references. See our latest work on our facebook page.

As a graduate in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, William Heroy (Bill) is concerned with the nature of materials used in the construction of the photographs which exhibit true resistance to deterioration in image and color quality. He is saddened by the lack of such attention by others in this field who care little about lasting quality. He is able to guarantee all jobs because his philosophy is to use only products that meet both the standards of excellence in the quality of the final image and the archival quality of materials used in the image-making process. He believes he has seen over 50,000 originals (from the 1840s forward) and produced more than 250,000 reproductions. Bill is also an expert on the history of photography and loves to share this information.

Currently, Old Photo Specialist uses a new reproduction process referred to as giclee' printing. Essentially, this is a process using oil-based ink to create images. From a chemical and engineering perspective, this is an exceptional product because even when tested under harsh conditions, these prints prove to be durable and long lasting. This is the finest product on the market and is truly cost effective!

About our services:

  • We specialize in restoration and reproduction of large oval prints from 1920s.
  • Photo (old and new) restoration and reproduction to all new sizes when possible (Blurriness or extreme fading of an original is a factor in some cases.)
  • Cleaning of daguerreotypes, refinishing of tintypes
  • Document restoration and reproduction to most any size.
  • Resizing pictures to fit antique frames
  • Restoration of some originals, canvas paintings and damaged frames.
  • Antique Frame Gallery specializing in oval frames with convex glass, ornate Victorian and Edwardian frames, rectangular shadowbox frames
  • Portrait and commercial photography (see samples)
  • Art Services. Our in-house artist, Vance Garvin, can achieve almost any desired effect in pencil, oil, pastel and watercolor.

About Our Staff

William Heroy: photographer and photo restorer for 40+ years, Duke University

Anna Heroy: office manager

Vance Garvin: In-house portrait artist with 40+ years experience

Jane Barnes: frame restorer and general repair of fine arts objects

Sumner Fineberg: art restorer

Marvin Isreal: computer expert

Ransome Coleman: internet expert

Robin Shakir: marketing and assistant photographer

Finally, if you do use other services, always inquire if the reproductions are made on color photographic paper even if they appear as black and white.. This product will not last!

Bill and Anna,

Thank you for preserving the visual portion of the family tree. Truly love the photos, they're great! I've got another scheduled to do in the near future. Thanks again for your patience and professionalism.

Sincerely, John Atkins


Hey guys!

Just wanted to send you a quick email! I took the photos you did for me to my Grandmother's last weekend and she started to cry. She was so happy to see them look that good. She was totally blown away. It was an amazing experience. I've been by to see her again this weekend and she's been bragging all over the nursing home about them. Having people come see them and took a photo of them to show others as well. Thank you again for being so awesome at what you do! I'll be back again soon!

Liz Davis


Dear Bill,

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you've done in copying and in some instances enhancing my family's pictures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Also, the creative work on my Christmas cards has made me something of a celebrity. People tell me they still display the cards from past years.

Sincerely, G.S. Crihfield


Dear Bill,

Thank you for all your help with our family's photos. They look terrific! You're a magician - the Aiken County Historical Museum and the veterans of Company C are really going to enjoy the photos you made -

Gratefully, Mrs. Mary R. Welch