Classic Portraiture

If you are tired of seeing the same old kind of portrait, then you have come to the right studio. I have come to believe soft-focus, shadow filled, and digitally enhanced (digital is here to stay) imagery achieves the maximum goal of capturing the subject’s architectural features and natural personality. The effect is largely lost when more than one person is the subject of the study, but we are currently expirimenting with two person sittings.

The Sitting – textured clothing with layers; turtlenecks with jackets, casual will yield the best results. The subject should be relaxed as this kind of sitting is extremely casual. The time of the sitting is relatively short. Attention to make-up is not important, but hair is. Bailey’s next door can provide hair services if desired.

Proof Review – the previews can be seen almost immediately. They will be off-color and soft – this is intended. Generally, I will suggest a particular pose to enhance, but it must be agreed on – hopefully my experience will be helpful. The end result is GUARANTEED to be excellent.

Portrait Creation – generally I need several days to do my work and, in the process, several proofs may be required to achieve the final result. The Geclee’ process used in printing is the finest available and framed prints do not require glass.




All work carries a “satisfaction guarantee” pertaining to work quality and a “longevity guarantee” against color fading (for any reason). Prints may be displayed with or without glass. For the latter, an occasional dusting with soft feather duster is all that is needed – we do not guarantee against scratching or bending of the print. Picture framing is available if you do not have a favorite framer already.

Printing may be done on either mat or watercolor, 325 gm. papers or on canvas (add 10%). For additional enhancement, brush texture glaze may be applied to any of the above print surfaces at an additional cost of $10/print.

We maintain our own collection of antique Victorian style frames available for framing or we can make prints to fit into “your Frames” when possible (some photoshop may be required).